About Me  

I trained at the Wealden College of Counselling and Psychotherapy (2009-2011) on their British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) accredited Diploma in Counselling Course and was awarded a Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling. 
Further Training 
I have continued training in areas such as trauma and sexual abuse, suicide, anxiety, depression, loss and bereavement. I continue to be curious about other models of therapy as well as newer findings in the world of therapy and how they impact our mental health such as neuroscience, mindfulness and the role our nervous system plays. 
I have been working with clients for 12 years now. Much of this has been in private practice, but it also includes working for a national bereavement charity (I hold a certificate in bereavement counselling) and volunteering at a local charity for 5 years. 
In this time I have worked with clients who present a diverse range of issues such as; anxiety, depression, childhood and relationship issues, anger and low self-esteem. I have also worked specifically with victims of sexual assault and abuse as well as those affected by suicide or struggling with suicidal thoughts. 
In the past I have also worked as a volunteer mentor for young people at the Prince’s Trust and with a charity for single parents. 
I am a member of the BACP and work to their code of practice and ethics. I also hold professional insurance. In addition to face to face counselling, I also offer counselling by telephone and online video platforms like Zoom or Vsee. 
What to expect 
Having benefitted from counselling myself and through my years of being a counsellor I know that each of us will experience counselling a little differently.  
Your counselling experience will be unique to you, after all, we have different personalities, backgrounds, wounds and life experiences. Some clients find it easy to talk, others more difficult and the process can sometimes take us out of our comfort zone. I will be there to support the unique individual that you are. 
And so, we work together, and we talk in what I hope you will experience as a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment towards the changes you want to make - or maybe it’s less about change for you but the need to be able to talk through difficult feelings and experiences. 
In the safety of the therapeutic relationship, we begin to learn about and understand ourselves better. We can develop new insights and awareness about what is going on for us. 
New awareness can help us to have more self-compassion and to see choices, previously unrealised. It can help free us from unhelpful patterns, from assumptions and biases, and it can help us tap into resources within us that were once unrecognised. It can also help us to regulate our emotions, improve relationships, and feel more hopeful about our future. 
I hope this gives you a little more insight into how the counselling process might work. 
Helping others working through: 
Domestic violence 
Childhood Issues 
Family issues 
Low Self-esteem 
Low Confidence 
Work issues 
Social anxiety/shyness 




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